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We’re Gonna Be In Pictures!

To celebrate our upcoming broadcast premiere on POV, the award winning documentary program on PBS, we thought we would share some of the great press we have received during our festival run.

During our Hot Docs screening in May, a wonderful food writer saw the film and was inspired to write a story about Magda, Canada’s OWN last Seltzer bottler. She interviewed us for the article which was first published in MacLeans and then The Atlantic picked it up. Twice! And the Brooklyn section of the New York Daily News wrote about us for one of our Rooftop Films Screenings.

The film is still playing at festivals around the country, check back on the Screenings page for more info.

And we were so excited to see one of our favorite movies, The Thin Man keeping the seltzer close by. This mug needs it to mix with his whiskey. “A Manhattan you always shake to fox-trot time”

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Seltzer Works Broadcast Premiere

We are just THRILLED to announce that Seltzer Works will have its broadcast premiere on PBS’s award winning documentary series POV.

We have been paired with festival favorite Edge of Dreaming and will air on Tuesday, August 24th at 10pm in New York. POV is picked up my most PBS stations across the country but check your local listing here.

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Egg Creams and Rooftops

We’ve had a great few weeks in seltzer land. Another trip out to Canarsie to fill up some bottles for a family party down in Philadelphia. Mom insisted on making egg creams for everyone, and they were a hit! We also came across this beautiful old French seltzer bottle in an antique shop down there. The double bulbous seltzer bottles are fairly rare and very old. This one had “veritable setzongene d. fevre” engraved on the pewter nozzle valve.

We also had our first screening that Kenny and his whole family attended in New York City last night. The great Rooftop Films did a program of New York Non-Fiction on the roof of a high school in the Lower East Side. It was a beautiful summer evening and a perfect night to watch short films. Kenny got great questions following the screening and we got lots of wonderful feedback from the audience. Looking forward to another rooftop screening in July! Maybe we will try to get Kenny to bring some seltzer this time.

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Jewish Champagne 2.0

Went down to visit Kenny last week to give him one of our amazing Hatch Show Print posters and get a seltzer fill up. We needed a case to go with our Memorial Day long weekend BBQ!

Kenny and his brother-in-law Irving, have been looking into other options for people who want that biting seltzer taste, but can’t be home for the delivery man or live out of a delivery zone. They found a comparable seltzer down in Argentina called Bariloche that comes in siphoned, recyclable bottles. Irv and Kenny gave as a bottle as a taste test and we loved it! Great bubble structure and really good fizz that retains its compisition through the life of the bottle. But you can’t beat the charms of the old bottles!

Just before our Stranger Than Fiction screening at the IFC Center this week, we stopped in somewhere for a can of the bubbly and spied this big display right up front by the check out. Looks like Dr. Browns is pushing out the Cel-Ray, once referred to as the ‘Jewish champagne.’ I don’t think they have a chance. For my money, its the Bariloche all the way.

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